Monday, July 13, 2009

New June 2007 Logic Games Unofficial Explanations Pencast

The pencast with unofficial explanations for questions 11-17 from the Analytical Reasoning section of the June 2007 LSAT is up, and you can follow that link to download the sample PrepTest for free from LSAC's website.

You can then watch the pencast
in the body of the post, but future pencasts will be posted in the Livescribe flash file to the right (the one with the giant orange play button). Once the video has started, we suggest making it full screen, and setting the Display Mode--the right-most toggle that looks like an exponential curve--to "Hide Preview." This will give you the highest quality viewing experience while making sure you don't confuse which part of the diagram we're currently drawing.

With these pencasts, you can watch how we dissect logic games in Zen mode, and they will be most useful to you if you have the print out of the (free) LSAT in front of you while you watch. You can download it by following the link on the right under "These + Zen = 99th Percentile."

We don't find other explanations--official or otherwise--as useful as these pencasts, since we can show you how a 99th percentile test-taker attacks the games with the diagram in real time. Get your Zen on, and have 15 minutes to relax during the Analytical Reasoning sections!