Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to Zen of 180 -

We offer free tools for online, self-study LSAT prep and the law school admissions process at the most competitive T14 law schools:
  • Google Calendars for each LSAT test date, which you can adjust to fit your own schedule. START HERE if you're ready to take charge of your LSAT self-study!
  • New York City in-person and online, java-based conferencing LSAT tutoring
  • store with only the official LSAT materials from LSAC, where we offer a 4-for-3 promotion (25% off) and free shipping on orders over $25
  1. analytical reasoning (logic games)
  2. logical reasoning
  3. reading comprehension
  • Interviews with law school admissions officers, deans, students

We take a unique, task standards based approach to LSAT self-study, derived from the training used by one of our contributors. His LSAT score improved from a 172 in September 2007 to a 180 in December 2007, and we've been fine tuning the techniques since then.
Our first client, from way back in May 2008, achieved a clean sweep of Harvard Law, Yale Law, and NYU Law. She decided to attend Harvard Law School, and begins her first year in the fall of 2009.

We incorporate everything you need for your LSAT self-study and law school application cycle, updated every Monday-Friday at 8:00am.