Friday, July 10, 2009

Zen How to: Answer "What LSAT score do I need?"

The first Zen How to video is up, and looks great in YouTubeHD!

Below is the graph of the example student's chances of admission as calculated by the Law School Calculator. Notice the impressive growth as he moves deeper into the 99th percentile, making his tier 2 schools become safeties! Here is a blank excel spreadsheet that is set up for you to enter your own LSAT goals, tiered schools, and chances of admission. It even graphs it automatically for you!

These tiers are not based on any ranking system other than the factors most important to this student: location, financial aid packages, and employment prospects within his focus areas. We didn't have time to go in depth during this video, but we advocate using the Top-Law-Schools profiles to help you develop your own tiered list of schools.