Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Law School Personal Rankings, Admissions Calculator, and Social Networking

Thanks to my still being hooked up with the pre-law newsletter from USC, I got a chance to look over a new website that tries to do a combination of lawschoolnumbers.com and top-law-schools.com

The look and feel of admissionsdean.com is much cleaner and more Facebook-like than the tools we have advocated in the past, but their side-by-side comparisons of law schools are helpful while deciding which schools you should consider. Keep in mind that the factors are not only where you want to go, but where you can realistically get in.

One of the best parts about Admissions Dean is that it, appropriately, includes interviews
with law school deans. Just like we find our own interviews useful, the creators of the website wanted to close the gap between those with access to the law school admissions process and those without.

For now, we're still sticking with lawschoolnumbers.com because, frankly, they have more
numbers; that is, social networking and crowdsourcing are only useful once you reach a critical mass of knowledgeable contributors. For example, Harvard Law has only 40 applicants listed on Admissions Dean, while there are over 500 at lawschoolnumbers.com

If Admissions Dean wins out because of superior interface and content, we won't be surprised; however, that's going to take a huge amount of marketing on their part to cut into lawschoolnumber's market share.