Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buy Interactive LSAT Logic Games Explanations

September 2009 Logic Games Explanations

Whereas other LSAT prep companies had been obsessed with telling me how to think, the interactive pencasts allowed me to look over the shoulder of someone who scores in the top of the 99th percentile on logic games. With that distinct privilege, I discovered, with a Eureka-like shock, a couple of incredibly simple, easy-to-apply best practices.

"The best I've seen, better than Powerscore." - Actual user
Well, if you liked our explanations for the sample June 2007 and October 1997 PrepTests, you're going to love our interactive explanations for all the other logic games!
  • $1.50 per game, $5 per PrepTest--pay via PayPal--that's $5 for an hour of watching a top LSAT logic games tutor dissect only the games you need most
  • Within 24 hours of your purchase, we will e-mail you the link(s) to your interactive explanation(s)
  • You can then follow the personal link(s) to livescribe.com, where you will need to create a profile using the e-mail attached to your PayPal
  • For one week from the date of the e-mail, you have unlimited views of the interactive, Flash-based pencast (see below for an example of all the cool interactivity)
  • If you want, you can print a static image .pdf of the diagram from livescribe.com
  • Currently we are selling explanations for PrepTest 58 from the September 2009 LSAT, but we'll regularly be adding new material

Below is an example pencast from the June 2007 Sample PrepTest.