Monday, March 29, 2010

Disqus and Meebo to Share Posts on FB, Twitter, Digg, etc

Look below for a new YouTube video about how to use all the new social networking add-ons we've included on the blog recently. Meanwhile, if you've used Disqus to comment/backtrack or you've already had a chance to experiment with Meebo, let us know what you think about the services in the poll at the top of the sidebar.

A summary of why we decided to use these services for
Zen of 180, taken from their respective websites or reviews.

  • Disqus has been around for a while, and apparently upset some WordPress people in the past couple of years for some compatibility limitations. As Zen uses Blogger, we read this with a grain of salt and have been very happy with all the integration thus far.
  • Oftentimes the conversation happens away from your site. Now you can link up with the social web using Reactions, our feature that hooks into results from uberVU and BackType. Seek out social comments and mentions from places such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, and YouTube, then display them with your comments.
  • Millions of active commenters are already recognized by the system. Disqus Comments also lets your readers choose their identity, with Facebook Connect, OpenID, or Twitter Sign-in, when they leave a comment.
Meebo Bar
  • Zen just added this social networking service over the weekend, due mainly to stumbling (not literally Stumbling) across it on a news website. While hovering over any image within the content, you can then drag and drop into several modes of sharing. The interface was so clean, we decided to give it a shot and see what our reader think.
  • Facebook likes the idea so much they're trying to use it to take over the Internet.
  • Meebo enables a lot of different social interaction and sharing features, such as displaying a specific stream of tweets, promoting a Facebook fan page, as well as Stumbling or Digging the page.
  • The bar is extremely easy to set up on blogs, especially TypePad, self-hosted Wordpress, Blogger, and Moveable Type, all of which have preconfigured solutions, built by Meebo.