Friday, March 26, 2010

Harvard Recruitment... After Admission?

My new Harvard e-mail account has been bombarded with e-mails from various departments, professors, and current students trying to convince me that Harvard Law School is the best choice for my next three years. A hard job they got, I know.

While this level of attention is certainly different--and kinda nice--compared to the other law schools' post-admission contact, it's also overwhelming. I haven't had time to respond thoughtfully to all the e-mails because, ironically, they're so personally relevant. I can't just type up a quick e-mail to the founder of my dream program at HLS, one of the first such programs in the world, and have that be his first impression of me. I feel like I need to draft and edit another personal statement just to send an e-mail!

This really fits into the whole theme of Harvard as a "legal metropolis"--their term, not mine--where students are able to pursue any established or emerging field of law in a world-class context. That reputation precedes these e-mails, but it's amazing to realize the potential housed in an offered spot at HLS. Good times ahead, even if Stanford decides to pass.

I found it interesting that the admissions department is willing to call out the other schools they think might be in contention for a seat deposit:
We can likely find someone for you to talk to regardless of which schools you're considering, but we have the largest groups of enrolled students to match up with those of you considering Yale, Stanford, or scholarship offers from NYU or Columbia.
An obvious list, granted, but still funny that those four schools--and, ouch, NYC solely in the context of scholarships--are mentioned.