Friday, March 12, 2010

Zen Student Journal: New Vistas after 10 Point Increase

The following post is part of a series from one of our LSAT tutoring clients. You can read about their experiences by clicking on the "Zen Journal" label above.
Since my first session with Mr. Bennett, I have made a lot of progress in all of the areas that we have worked together on. In my last few practice tests I have climbed into a different "tier" of schools because of my raised LSAT scores.

When I first started working with Mr. Bennett my LSAT score was around a 164-165, which had me looking at schools such as George Washington, Notre Dame, Boston College, and Boston University as possible law school destinations. After only a few weeks my outlook on schools has changed because I have consistently been scoring ~175. This has moved my focus to schools solely within in the Top 14; even Harvard and Yale seem like viable options with over 2 months left of studying until the June 2010 exam.

A lot of people view this jump from a 164 to a 175 as a huge difference in test scores; however, in terms of raw score the difference is not as large as one would believe it to be. It is only a difference of 9 questions on most exams. By attacking around three or four
Zen task strands with Mr. Bennett, I was able to close this gap in just two weeks. I am now able to intuitively choose answers from the outset of problems by using paraphrasing techniques and understanding the language the LSAT creators use to trip up unwary test takers. With this ability, the LSAT now is easier to understand and the process of eliminating answers is very rarely an issue. When you are able to understand the language throughout the LSAT, the test becomes very basic in nature. To me, this raised test score and understanding is well worth the time and effort spent to achieve it because it opens my options immensely for the admissions process.

If I were to score in the range that I have settled upon at a score of 175, I will have more presumptive acceptances as calculated by LSAT and GPA--almost all of the T14 with some outside as safety schools. Such a high LSAT score will allow me to use acceptances and scholarship offers at different schools to bargain different financial aid packages at various institutions. This greater flexibility, especially in this economy, may offer me a chance at little debt upon graduation.

Aside from the scholarship potential, I now have the option to attend some of the best schools in the country, which I formerly never dreamed of attending. My application process is becoming more exciting and intriguing as I keep scoring at such a high level because it provides me with more viable avenues, not only in my law school choice, but also career options.

This feeling of excitement is something that I wish everyone could feel about the law school application process. By allowing myself to focus on the LSAT, I have been able to see improvement that I never would have thought to be possible, especially in such sort time. I owe this excitement to Mr. Bennett and his services because he got the ball rolling and the success has snowballed since.