Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zen Wants: HP Touchsmart tm2t as law school laptop

After doing some research, I decided on how I want to approach taking notes and studying for law school classes. Even though I've been on a two-year hiatus from strenuous academic coursework, I've picked up some nifty tech skills in my quest to engage my students that I hope will apply to my own work as a student.
And since Microsoft OneNote appears to be the note-taking choice du jour, I figured I'd go with an ultraportable laptop with a keyboard and full operating system--i.e. no consumption-only iPad--that can also serve as a convertible tablet for my artistic and logic games tutoring side.

The convertible tablet does basically everything that I want the iPad to do: multi-tasking, full OS, Microsoft Office... USB ports... Flash--at this point we're delving into the absurd comparison range, so I'll just stop. In short, the convertible tablet offers multi-touch (hand and pen) coupled with a real keyboard in a light, 5-hour-lasting, battle tested chassis. WANT!

Obviously, I'm also going to upgrade my use of the Livescribe Smartpen.

Here are some of the more relevant video introductions/reviews of the HP Touchsmart tm2t, and as soon as I get my laptop loan, I'll let you know what I think of it.

I can't imagine a note-taking situation where I would use the tablet to recognize my handwriting like in the video below, but the ability to draw in diagrams and highlight text in the heat of the moment sounds wonderful.