Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Damage Control for June 2010 LSAT

I have been receiving some frantic e-mails lately that have the following theme:
Are you still taking clients for the June 2010 LSAT??? Can I be one of them?
The short answer is yes.  Although I typically advise my clients to follow some systematic formula for preparing for the LSAT months in advance, I also help people focus their final weeks of preparation on their individual weaknesses as identified by analyzing their PrepTest data.

My online tutoring sessions utilize a Java-based "multi-user data collaboration tool." That's a fancy way of saying that we share a digital whiteboard where I can teach you how I approach LSAT questions, watch you approach similar questions, and correct your mistakes in real time. And all while you are in the comfort of your own home and at convenient, flexible hours.  There's an HD YouTube video below if you'd like the specifics.

To get started, send in your missed questions by PrepTest, and we'll provide you with an excel document that lists the task standards you need to focus on.

We'll spend one week combing through your tracker to find trends and develop personalized strategies. This session is typically incorporated into the ~2 hours initial consultation, which is a flat $100 unless you have proof of a Pell Grant.

After Zen task standard triage, we'll apply personalized strategies to increase your accuracy rate in the tasks with the highest point density. Until the LSAT on June 8, we should meet for ~2 hours a week to completely analyze each missed question and your progress in using the strategies.