Friday, May 14, 2010

Elena Kagan Does a Good Alice Impression

By now you've probably been beaten to death with coverage of Elena Kagan's nomination to the SCOTUS--by the way, how do you all pronounce that?  Scoat-us? Skoe-tus? S-C-O-T-U-S?--but I wanted to provide some comic relief in my review of the opinions on her nomination.

Basically, the pundits on both sides don't like her too much or hate her enough to dismiss her out of hand.  I like that she's a Harvard grad and former dean--and that she chose HLS over YLS, to boot!--but not too thrilled about her hiring record there or that those two schools now have an 8.5 majority on the court.  (Ruth Bader Ginsberg transferred from Harvard to Columbia for her man, so she's the .5 before you go crazy.)  

The last major point is that she's never been a judge, so that annoying paper trail that caused some hiccups for Sonia Sotaymayor--there, I worked in all three women who will probably be on the court--let alone a speech record with something a la "wise Latina," simply doesn't exist.  I find that disturbing since she'll be on the court for a long, long time if confirmed, and the current balance of ideologies is very precarious.

And as for those of you thinking that she'll be able to sway the court toward the left--for good or for ill--I think Rachel Maddow actually got this one right.