Monday, May 31, 2010

One Week to LSAT: To-Do List Reminder

That time at the beginning of the summer has finally arrived.  We started this journey with many clients back in January, and are now facing the last week before the LSAT; be sure to read that post if you'd like to know how to spend your time this week to ensure your best performance on the June 2010 LSAT.

To recap, here are the Zen guidelines for the test day itself, but make sure you're not pushing yourself too hard after Thursday of this week.  If you're ready to take the LSAT and get the score you want based on your recent practice, cramming in the last few nights will most likely be counterproductive.

Test Day
    1. Visit the site before the test day
    2. Do not practice after Thursday morning on the week before (for the June dates)
    3. Do relaxing activities throughout the end of the week
    4. Sleep ~2 hours more than you usually do
    5. Eat breakfast, bring food and drink (caffeine) for break
    6. Bring your used pencils and highlighters… should be your friends by now
    7. Arrive EARLY
      1. Read something before, like the NY Times, to warm up
    8. Take one of each section type from the most recent LSAT, check at end of each section
      1. Compare your score from when you first took it, and I’ll guarantee that you did better