Friday, June 18, 2010

Itteh Bitteh (Maybe) Korean Soccer Fan Committeh

As I intimated in my Harvard Law School personal statement, I'm not too keen on limited and/or censored access to information.

Thus North Korea's domestic policies irk me, but rarely are they genuinely funny enough to spark a Contrapositive comic.  Yes, they're near-identical kittens, they're being collectively manhandled by The Man, and they're even wearing red!  I was hoping to find a relevant itteh bitteh base picture, but this one was too easy.

In case you haven't heard, the genuineness of the North Korean fans at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is in question.  Responding to the rumors of 1,000 Chinese actors and dancers arriving in Cape Town with tickets to all of North Korea's games provided by a Chinese PR company, Yop Pak Sung--the North Korean ambassador to South Africa--came up with this defense:
They are all supporters from North Korea. About 200 people came from Pyongyang on Monday and are staying at guest houses. They're from our country; they're not Chinese... Maybe some Chinese came as well, but those you saw on TV [Tuesday] are Koreans from our country.
Given that North Korean coach Kim Jong-Hun claims that the Dear Leader himself is constantly giving him advice via a too-small-to-see cellphone--which was invented by the Dear Leader himself, no less--I'm surprised they didn't simply beam in more than 200 nationals.  

I guess they just wanted an itteh bitteh chearing committeh.