Monday, June 28, 2010

Should I Retake after the June 2010 LSAT?

It's that time of year.  It comes around in early March and July and again in late October and December.  Thousands of people around the world start asking themselves "Should I retake the LSAT?"

What people rarely realize, though, is that many thousands more are asking themselves another question, "What LSAT score do I need?"  And even fewer people realize that these questions are really two sides of the same coin.

If statistics held true, at most 5 people scored a 180 on the June 2010 LSAT.  Everyone else has some room to be wondering if they could've done better if they had just spent more time studying those tricky logic games where there are only two rules and tons of deductions to make from there.

If you're wondering either question, we have some excellent information and tools for you to consider.  We spent a month last year going over the LSAT scale score statistics made available by LSAC's research arm and describing how our founder moved from a 172 to a 180--and in the process developed the system Zen of 180 is based upon.

We also asked some of our clients to describe their experience using the LSAT goal setting process we advocate, which can also help you see what scores you need for your list of law schools.  Once you know that information, you can tell if the three digit number that arrived in your e-mail will be high enough to start the law school application process.  If not, get your Zen on in time for the October 2010 LSAT!