Monday, July 5, 2010

October 1996 LSAT Sample PrepTest, Logic Games Section 3, 19-24

The newest pencast of logic games explanations for the October 1996 Sample LSAT is live! This game has a few tree sequencing rules combined with some matrix assignment rules, and is the last of the free logic games explanations we can offer for the sample PrepTests.  Look down the toolbar on the right for the complete Zen Pencasts for both the June 2007 and October 1996 Sample LSATs.

The game's situation is a performance by vocalists G,H, and L, who can only sing three each of songs O,P,T,X,Y, and Z. In addition to assigning the vocalists to the songs, you must also be able to sequence them 1 through 6. This game plays out exactly according to Zen's logic games system, with simple diagrams and a must be true question stem helping to turn a seemingly complex situation into a game focused on only a couple of rules interactions.