Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Updated Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Task Standards

Since we're so close to launching the Zen of 180 LSAT Data Analysis demo, we decided it was time to start updating and clarifying the task standard system we use with our clients.  As part of the web development and constant improvement process, some of the tasks have been streamlined, combined, or split apart in order to better capture the data we've gathered from dozens of clients.

Here are the pages for Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

If you haven't seen them yet, the pages along the top of the blog--just underneath the fox logo--have links to the different sections' task standard breakdowns, which in turn point you to the explanations we've posted for individual tasks.  As part of the demo, we're hoping to offer free video and/or interactive explanations for each question, not just representative questions; we're in discussion with LSAC now to make that happen for our readers!

Also, look for the rules and task standard breakdowns for the Analytical Reasoning section on Friday of this week.