Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvard Law School Start of Classes

Mr. Bennett's 1L year has officially started, so we'll be taking a week's break from daily posts until he has some meaningful--or not--thoughts about his experience.

Meanwhile, you can check out the Zen of 180 advice for resumes and personal statements, the actual text and revision process of Mr. Bennett's statement, and how to select and help mentors to write excellent letters of recommendation.

For those of you preparing for the October 2010 LSAT, keep in mind that the endurance phase of LSAT self-prep is coming up so be prepared to sit down for lovely 6 hour stretches at a time.

Build endurance (time-to-test: 1 month)

•For the last month before the test, take two PrepTests (with all three section types) in one sitting, twice a week

•Use the most recent PrepTests available right before you take the LSAT

•Each session should be eight sections over ~5 hours, with breaks between sections 3-4 and 6-7

•At the end of each session, analyze your mistakes and evaluate your action steps