Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like Button and Other Ways to Share

We've finally joined the second half of 2010 and added a Facebook Like button--you might have seen it hovering right under the title--but we wanted to explain how we decided to use it to promote Zen of 180.
This "like button" is for the blog only, no RSS feeds.
We sadly couldn't figure out the code to make the like button link up with our existing Facebook Fan Box (which has slightly more than 3 fans, thankfully), so we went with a universal like for the entire blog rather than each post.  If you click on the like button in the tag line once from any of the posts, then it will register throughout the blog and it will never bother you again.

The fan box on the right toolbar is for people who want the blog's RSS feed to show up in their Facebook feed--or want to show off their pretty profile pic in as many places as possible.

Orange play buttons start the LSAT explanation fun!
And, finally, the evil necessity that is Twitter is also in the right hand toolbar if you want to receive the blog's RSS tweets, a Harvard Law School 1L experience diary--in very small, somewhat frequent doses--and law school news RSS tweets aggregated by Google Reader.

AddThis button at bottom of posts for all your sharing needs.
And last, if you like a particular post--like our pages for logical reasoning, reading comprehension, or logic games tasks--you can share it with just about any social media service using the AddThis button in the comments line.