Friday, October 29, 2010

October 2010 LSAT Score Release Day

Typically the LSAT scores are released the Friday before the Monday that LSAC guarantees them by.  Which would make "How hard was the scale score curve for the October 9, 2010 LSAT?" one of the most popular Google searches today.

For this weekend, check again to see what LSAT score and GPA combo you'll need to be competitive during your application cycle.  If you hit your target, congratulations!  If not, take the weekend off to relax and refocus before deciding whether to retake in December or change your application targets.

Meanwhile, was it section 1 that killed you or saved you? Section 4? Thank goodness the logic games were your experimental?  Let us know how you feel about your score in the comments using this helpful "LSAT score emotion chart" as a guide.

October 2010 LSAT Score Release Day Emotions