Monday, October 4, 2010

You Need Four Months for the LSAT

This is the last post from one of our clients preparing for the October 9, 2010 LSAT before the big day.  We have several Zen Students about to tackle the latest LSAT, and we look forward to hearing their stories and sharing them with you.
And just to be clear, and not because we told you so, we really recommend spending at least 4 months preparing for the LSAT.
I don’t really know what to say about the LSAT today.

I’ve only been preparing for the October 2010 LSAT since the beginning of August – a little over two months of work by the time I sit down to take the real thing this Saturday. In some ways though, it feels like I’ve been at it a lot longer.

We have a love-hate relationship – the LSAT and I. Like a good marriage, we have our ups and downs, but we’re always there for each other (whether needed or not).

Not that I love the LSAT or anything. It has been, at times, boring, depressing, difficult, rewarding, even fun (certain logic games anyway). I can say, though, that I will no doubt dissolve all ties with the LSAT when we part ways. I’ll pass my practice books onto my younger brother who starts undergrad next fall and is already considering law school. And, other than considering its effect on my admission prospects in the months after taking it, I doubt I’ll think too hard about it again.

However, I’m afraid next Saturday will not be the end. At this point, I’m strongly considering the possibility of a December retake.
For now, I plan to pick up my studying half-a-week or so after the test and keep it up until I get my score back. I may do very well on the test, and if I get over a 170, that will be the end. Unfortunately, though I do think it’s possible (if I’m clicking on all cylinders) to score a 170+ this Saturday, I’m not anticipating it.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m confident that I’ll do well – just not as well as I want to do or think I can do or need to do. Ultimately, for me to rest well at night while various law schools around the country mull over my application during the next five months, I need to get at least a 170.

So, as reluctant as I may be to do so, I must press on.

For a while during my practice, I would get much faster, but vacilate in accuracy. Now, my logical reasoning speed and accuracy ratio are both headed in the right direction. With another two months, I’m sure it will get exactly where I want it. It feels like every logic game gets faster and easier. With another two months, I’ll be napping at the end of the analytical reasoning section like Mr. Bennett. I have fewer and fewer time-zapping space-outs on reading comprehension. With two more months, I’ll be breezing through them like a John Grisham novel.

Of course, it could all be over this Saturday. But shh…don’t tell the LSAT. I’ll just tell the LSAT that I’m not ready to leave it; that I think we should work things out.