Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Game 4: June 2009 LSAT, PrepTest 57 Section 1

If you're looking for free interactive explanations to LSAT logic games, you've come to the right place.

This game is from PrepTest 57, which was administered in June 2009. The pencast form is pretty good for showing how a 180 LSAT test-taker attacks the logic games section and has 15 minutes to spare.

Questions 18-23 is noteworthy only because it came after the dreaded Dinosaur Game, so many people taking the test never even got to this fourth game or don't remember the aftermath.

However, the different types of grants (medical, theater, wildlife, and youth services) can present their own challenge and opportunities. As a Teach For America alumnus, I'm particularly partial to anyone who errs on the side of too many youth services grants.

If you're in a grant-giving mood, check out
This game has a few elements of each major strand in logic games, but ultimately is a calendar matrix game. It's rare for LSAC to put more than one matrix diagram on a given LSAT, so PrepTest 57 can be good practice for that type.

This game is has a relatively small number of permutations, but if your diagram isn't set up well, the limits aren't immediately obvious. The Zen system of setting up one diagram to display all the interactions and doing the must/cannot be questions first, however, can make sure you make up any lost time with more difficult games.

June 2009 LSAT PrepTest 57 LG 18-23