Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game 4: September 2009 LSAT, PrepTest 58 Section 3

If you're looking for free interactive explanations for LSAT logic games, you've come to the right place.

This game is from PrepTest 58, which was administered in September 2009. The pencast form is pretty good for showing how a 180 LSAT test-taker attacks the logic games section and has 15 minutes to spare.

Questions 18-23 make up a fairly rare matrix game. Although there are lots of different ways to diagram any logic game, we think this game is a prime example of how a matrix is both easier and faster than the alternatives. The seemingly complex restrictions between the different actors are easier to see when they're visually plotted next to each other.

The general task is to select at least three courses from a pool of seven--history, linguistics, music, physics, statistics, theater, and writing--for a summer school session. This kid is clearly still in highschool, and a nice one, at that (statistics over summer anyone?).

As per the real world, some classes cannot be taken together; the game never states that it's because they're in the same time slot, but we like to think of it that way because then it becomes one of the most real-life applicable logic games ever.
Harvard's class registration system is partying like it's 1999, so be warned about multiple-hour waits to register or see grades
September 2009 LSAT PrepTest 58 LG 18-23