Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updating the Zen Blog and LSAT Analyzer

These are exciting times at Zen of 180!

We only have a few LSAT tutoring spots left open for the June 2011 LSAT, we'll be expanding the analyzer to including timing and all the PrepTests with the help of JG Visual, and we're working on a new logo/header with le petite elefant.

Also, we should have a contract with LSAC in the mail that will let us start offering repackaged LSAT material with high quality video explanations. You can bet that we'll be following our vision of helping everyone afford LSAT prep by offering the absolute cheapest practice materials possible.

Here's a rough sketch of the new header; looking forward to the final version.
Below is a short video explaining how the analyzer will help you self-prep for the LSAT. We're excited to roll out the site's new features in time for the June LSAT. Best of all, we'll keep the analyzer completely, absolutely free!