Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to Start Thinking About October, 1 2011 LSAT

While the June test takers should be getting ready to be getting ready for the week before their LSAT date (...!) it's time for those thinking about taking the October 1, 2011 LSAT to get cracking.

We still have the larger Zen calendars floating around the blog, but we're phasing it out for the simpler calendar on the right-hand toolbar, underneath the Zen cloud.

Press the "+ Google Calendar button (not here... on the toolbar, silly!)
Those October preppers will also be able take advantage of the free analyzer, which we're furiously working to make perfect. If you want to get started with the demo and the free sample LSATs, be sure to check out

For those of you who are curious, here's what it will look like... Notice the timing features and get excited!

Timing and accuracy data recorded while you take the test... Looking forward to its launch!