Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LSAT PrepTest Score Analyzer Live!

In case you haven't tried our free, online LSAT self study tracker, we've updated to a version where you can input your answer data from all of the official LSAT PrepTests 40-63. The analyzer will then track your performance (no need for a complicated Excel document) and prioritize the Zen task standards by how many questions we predict you'll miss on a modern LSAT. That way you know exactly how to target your self-prep!

Also, if you take an LSAT with your browser open on the analyzer, you can input your answers in real time and the site will also record your timing data... which you can then analyze by Zen task standard. That way you can figure out which types of questions are causing you to go over the section time limit and address them specifically in your practice, as well!

We'll be updating the site frequently so that you can track the older PrepTests, as well as providing more video explanations for how to approach each Zen task standard and eventually explanations for all LSAT questions, ever. That way you can only buy the explanations you need, rather than for all the questions in an entire PrepTest.

Below is the video explaining the general features of the analyzer, but be sure to check it out as there are even more features packed in that didn't make the 3:30 cut.