Monday, January 30, 2012

New Online LSAT Tutor and Rates

We're very excited to announce that Zen of 180 has added a new tutor to increase the choices you have in utilizing the Zen system while you prepare for the LSAT!

Mr. Robinson is current Harvard Law school student who also happened to score a perfect 180 on his only LSAT test date in 2009. Just like our other tutors, he will be using the data from the free Zen of 180 online LSAT tracker to personalize each tutoring session with real LSAC materials so that you can achieve your LSAT goals more quickly.

Additionally, while Mr. Bennett will be keeping his hourly, package, and Pell grant discount rates the same, Mr. Robinson will offer a flat $75 per hour rate. 

You can read more about our online LSAT tutoring services, but please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below if you're interested in a free initial consultation! Both Mr. Robinson and Mr. Bennett have just opened their schedules for June 2012 LSAT takers, as the February 2012 LSAT is just coming up.