Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updates to Analyzer for June 2012 LSAT

For those of you who have tried our free online LSAT tracker, you know that the data it displays can be an incredibly powerful tool for self-preparation because it lets you know exactly where to focus your efforts to maximize improvement; however, as with all intense data tools, its dynamic tables can be imposing.

For that reason--and honestly cause it looks cool and we're visualization nerds--we're updating the analyzer with interactive graphs of your LSAT weaknesses. Below is a static image of the alpha page with the basic graphs that will take the place of the dynamic tables as the analyzer's primary interface.

Thanks to Highcharts for their amazing code and for inspiration.

The left pie chart shows the overall LSAT performance--the larger the piece size, the more important it is to practice its part of the LSAT--which you can then click on to "drill down" to individual sections, strands, and standards in the right pie chart. Clicking on this right chart will load a table with the questions you missed for that standard, along with your timing performance on it, and links to explanations and practice materials.

For those of you preparing for the June 2012 LSAT, we hope to have this feature and some other powerful graphs ready in early March!