Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blog moved to, but you knew that

If you're reading this, anyway.

We decided it was finally time to shift our primary focus to building out the LSAT analyzer (formerly known as, which is why it's now our homepage instead of a subdomain.

The analyzer looks good, even on your tablet devices. Check back for some exciting updates.

Thankfully, blogs don't feel jealousy, and 301 redirects will take care of all the links and Google link juice. However, if you had your favorite pages bookmarked, you may need to update them.

Hopefully you'll find the improvements we're making to the analyzer well worth the inconvenience:
  1. Interactive graphs for all relevant LSAT data, including an immediate grader and explanation for each LSAT score
  2. Walkthroughs for all 88 of the Zen LSAT Standards, essentially a free "LSAT Bible"
  3. Written explanations with Q&A forum for all modern LSAT questions
  4. Store with video and interactive lessons on each Zen LSAT Standard
  5. Photo-upload from your mobile device to grade and input data from your LSAT scantrons
So yeah, we're busy! And, of course, if you're preparing for the December 2012 LSAT, we're still taking tutoring clients.