Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing 15-min Online LSAT Tutoring Sessions!

One of our maxims for our products is to allow students to prepare for the LSAT in the most efficient and cheapest way possible. That's why we started the LSAT Analyzer in the first place: it's like an automatic, and free, tutor who will tell you exactly how to prepare.

But we also know that some people want to have explanations that go beyond written materials, and some people learn best with interactive content. Until we have our video and interactive content up then, we're committed to helping our tutoring clients just as much as the self-preppers.

Up to now, we've purposefully charged less than other test-prep companies--even though our tutors are at least as qualified--because the rates are ludicrous. Like, installment plan ridiculous. We are committed to helping anyone, regardless of their financial situation, to be able to pursue their education.
As a reminder, you can always try our online tutoring for free, even on your iPad or mobile device.
So, as part of that whole philosophy, you'd think we'd have offered bite-sized sessions for tutoring before. We just hadn't been creative enough, but now that we've thought of it, it makes perfect sense: some people only need help with a single game or one particular strand. Why pay $125 for an hour when you only need 15 minutes to go over your questions?

We charge a slightly higher per-minute rate, 15 minutes for $35, but you can still come out way ahead if that's all you need. Sorry we didn't think about it before.

And if you're freaking out about the October LSAT coming up this weekend, this might is a great way to go over any last second missed questions!