Thursday, November 15, 2012

Best Tip for Preparing for the LSAT

The Zen of 180 staff recently took a weekend hiatus from ripping apart the LSAT to tearing up one of the toughest fitness competitions in the nation: The Rampage Race!  Though adequate studying is necessary to score a 180 on test day (or close to it!), one of the best tips for LSAT preparation is: take a break!

The NLP Fitness Rampage is a team fitness challenge in Manchester, New Hampshire that benefits the Norris Cotton Fitness Cancer Center. Comprised of 12 events, participants compete in teams of four from pushing and pulling cars to carrying teammates on stretchers across parking lots.

Like the real LSAT test takers, we each came in with our strengths and weaknesses.  John ruled the rock climbing, Krystina endured the mile, and Dan chugged beer in the final competition like a superstar. A few weeks ago, if you were to switch that order around, we would have been bogged.  However, using the Zen methodology, we knew where our weaknesses lied and by focusing and training on those, we each were able to pull off a respectable finish instead of coming in last (what we feared!).

The Zen of 180 staff after the 2012 Rampage Race
If scrawny tech nerds that formed an LSAT preparation company can flip monster truck tires, you surely can ace the LSAT! So as we learned, take a break every now and again, will you?