Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LSAT Store Launched

Good morning, February 2013 LSAT preppers! We've just launched the first products in our downloadable LSAT PDF store: PrepTests 29-38.

Check back if you want more than 29-38, we're working furiously to get things up ASAP.
I also want to introduce some of the ways we'll be leveraging the LSAT analyzer and tracker to help save you money and time during your self-prep.

We've already integrated the store into the analyzer at the PrepTest level. That means that once you've entered your data and missed some questions on a given PrepTest, we'll link you to the explanations in the store. The explanations are from one of my more ambitious colleagues, Graeme Blake: he wrote some amazing explanations for the LSAT in a no-nonsense, straight to the point manner. Check out the reviews on Amazon, and you'll see why we partnered with him for our first written explanations.  

What's really exciting is that our developers are working on this same idea of only giving you the explanations you need at both the standard and question level.

Don't recognize this? You haven't used our free analyzer yet???
That's right, we'll build you a self-prep product based on the questions you missed and what our algorithms say you need to learn, and you'll only have to pay for that material. We plan on offering explanations for less than a dime and full curriculum for standards for $10-20.  

Saving time and money while studying won't make up for the fact that you're studying, but we're not miracle workers. Meanwhile, get your Zen on and let us know how your prep is going!