Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Logical Reasoning LSAT Explanations...

We'll grade your LSATs and tell you how to study for free!
... are now available at and We're building an LSAT encyclopedia with all the data you could ever want about LSATs--answer keys, conversion charts, explanations, sortable tables for each question type--and hooking it in to our existing analyzer. Which recently had a facelift and is looking quite snazzy.

But, what you really care about is that--when you input your missed question data--we'll not only tell you how you should study, but also explain your mistakes.

For free. There's a sample. Click around and read to your heart's content. We'll be adding more stuff daily.

Oh, and we also are selling the absolute cheapest Official LSATs available anywhere (period) over at our $6 for the most modern PrepTests, which will cost you $8 anywhere else (Amazon, Cambridge LSAT, LSATblog, etc.).