Admissions Consulting

Why should you have your law school application, particularly the personal statement and resume, professionally edited?

Each law school admissions officer see hundreds, if not thousands, of applications each year. The personal statement and other supporting documents that make up your application’s “soft factors” are what separate an average applicant from the admitted applicants. We work hand-in-hand with our clients at every step of the process to help them craft the application that will get them noticed and get them admitted to the law school of their choice.

Applying to law schools and being admitted to the schools you select is a difficult process to manage by yourself. With individually-tailored consultation on the entire process, you will have at the very least a level playing field with other applicants; but more likely, you will have a definite advantage.

One size does not fit all when applying to law schools. Our client-centered approach to the law school application process is designed to help you be admitted to the school that you want to attend.

How you can get started:
Email your resume, any preliminary essay drafts, and a list of potential letter of recommendation writers and how they know you to

♦ Current Harvard Law School students who swept Yale, NYU, Harvard, Stanford, USC, and UCLA, with full tuition merit-based scholarships at each school that offers it
♦ Professional copy-editor with 50+ books to her credit
♦ Current editors of top-tier legal journals
♦ Over three years of law school admissions experience.
♦ Doctoral candidate in English with over eight years of composition and editing experience
♦ All team members have extensive English as a Second Language experience including for scholarly publications

♦ Professional consultation on the entire application process, from choosing your schools to the final application submission and interview preparation
♦ E-mail/Video/Phone consultation, whichever you prefer
♦ Individually-tailored assistance at all steps of the application process
♦ Guaranteed three business day turnaround on all writing tasks once payment is received

♦ Collaborative effort—a team of admissions consultants and editors will work on each aspect of your application
♦ Individual service—advice tailored to fit your experiences into what the schools you’re applying to are looking for

♦ Both unpackaged and packaged rates so that you only pay for the help your application needs
♦ Extensive experience with English as a Second Language (ESL) students

Our Pricing:
♦ $75 for an hour consultation to focus your law school search and/or develop ideas for application essays
♦ $100 for editing a personal statement draft of up to three pages
♦ $100 for proofreading a personal statement draft that is already at the page/word/line limit
♦ $225 bundle of the three services above, a savings of $50
♦ $65 for each additional hour consultation, or each page for editing or proofreading 
♦ 50% off all rates above for Pell Grant recipients
♦ Payment accepted via PayPal or Google Checkout, which allow credit cards, with email invoices for your records

If you're ready to get started, you can email your resume, any preliminary essay drafts, and a list of potential letter of recommendation writers and how they know you to and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

LSAC has requested that we remind you about how your ethical conduct as part of the legal profession begins when you're applying to law school.