LR Tasks

The logical reasoning sections make up approximately one half of all points on a modern LSAT.  This page summarizes and links to all the information posted on Zen of 180 about this crucial section.
First off, a succinct definition from Wikipedia, edited to fit within Zen philosophy:

The [LSAT] contains two logical reasoning sections [of 24-26 questions each], commonly known as "arguments" or "LR". Each question begins with a [stimulus] that presents either an argument or a short set of facts. The paragraph is followed by a [question stem] asking the test taker to [analyze the logical structure, evaluate the evidence use, find similarly structured logic, support it with principles, extrapolate additional conclusions, identify assumptions made, or analyze evidence from multiple viewpoints]. Most [stimuli] are followed by a single prompt, although a few are followed by two.
Logical Reasoning Introduction

Analyze Logical Structure 10
  1. Main Conclusion 2
  2. [Piece] Plays [Role] in Argument ~2
  3. Argumentative Strategy Employed 2
  4. Fix by Removing ~4
Evaluate Evidence Use 12
  1. Weaken 5
  2. Strengthen 3
  3. Fix by Adding 4
  4. Helps to Evaluate -0
Identify Assumptions 8
  1. Definition
  2. Fails to Consider [Possibility]
  3. Direct Logic Link
  4. Definition Shift
Extrapolation Logic 7
  1. Most Strongly Supported by [Stimulus] ~3
  2. Infer 1
  3. Must also Be True 1 
  4. Most Logically Completes ~1
Principles 5
  1. Best Principle for Example ~2
  2. Best Example of Principle 2
  3. Justify ~1
Analyze Details from Different Sources 4
  1. Resolve Discrepancy ~3
  2. Point at Issue ~1
Identify Similar Logic 3
  1. Most Similar in Flawed Reasoning 2
  2. Most Similar in Reasoning ~1